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Laura Paglione

Status Friday 8 August 2014

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Laura Paglione

ORCID-only Bio

Laura Paglione has served as Technical Director of ORCID since June 2012, and led the ORCID Registry public launch in October of the same year. Her responsibilities include technical direction of new features and improvements to the Registry and its API, ORCID’s open source code and community, technical infrastructure, and member and end-user support. She engages with the ORCID community through a Technical Steering Group, and several technical working groups that provide recommendations on strategic and tactical plans. She also leads several webinars each year on topics such as use of the ORCID API, ORCID iDs in the publishing workflow, and the common integrations for ORCID iDs. Laura is a frequent speaker about ORCID, unique identifiers, and innovation.